Imagine you are relaxing in your living room, surrounded by elegant furnishings and accessories, when you see the family dog sniffing at the new Indo-modern rug beneath the coffee table. You watch with curiosity as the dog turns in a tight circle once, twice, three times. Suddenly, you bolt from your seat in a panic […]

Artisinal Collaboration

Since the renaissance, Florence, Italy, has been known for its culture of artisanal excellence. So, when Edgardo Osorio, founder and creative director of the luxury women’s footwear brand Aquazzura, wanted to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen in his historic residence, he commissioned Florentine kitchen fabricator Officine Gullo to bring his creative vision to life. The family-owned company […]

History Meets High Tech

The web, as in world wide web, was not even a thing when Bruno de la Croix-Vaubois opened the doors to Country French Interiors in 1986. Customers came in person to the 9,000-square-foot Slocum Street showroom to peruse the vast selection of antique 18th- and 19th-century fine European furnishings, Aubusson tapestries and objets d’art in search of […]

Unexpected Elegance

Denton’s historic Brownlow House is transforming the bed-and-breakfast into a stylish wedding retreat. Known for eclectic eateries and live music venues, downtown Denton, Texas, seems an unlikely locale for a tranquil bed-and-breakfast. But the Brownlow House stands out as a jewel in the bustling urban setting, providing an elegant venue for special events and a […]


Only a few months after relocating to Dallas’ bustling Design District, Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace was forced to close its doors in the face of COVID-19. For six long weeks, the 6,700-square-foot showroom on Riverfront Boulevard remained eerily quiet as state and county legislators hashed out regulations to keep residents safe. Meanwhile, Dulce’s co-owners, Jorge […]


IN MODERN SOCIETY, mass-produced, made-in-China kitchen furnishings are the unfortunate norm. Distinctive, custom-made fixtures and appliances are increasingly rare and therefore a luxury. But, for those with impeccable taste, the investment in superior craftsmanship promises both aesthetic appeal and longevity. “If you produce a normal kitchen like every-one else, it will have a life cycle […]


CAREER COUNSELORS AND SELF-HELP gurus will tell you to find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. If the maxim holds true, then Beth Barnett Callahan has been blissfully unemployed for several years. “I am so lucky that I’m able to come here every day,” says Callahan, owner […]


Successful people are busy people. They travel. They entertain. They run businesses and charitable organizations. Successful people also delegate well, finding trusted individuals and resources to manage their schedules, their finances and especially their homes. “We have codes and keys to 30 percent of our clients’ residences,” says Mark Lafferty of The Interior furniture and […]


As the largest retailer of fine quality rugs in Dallas, International Rugs keeps thousands of floor coverings in inventory and has become a go-to destination for interior designers from coast to coast.


The most dazzling treasures are often hidden inside of inconspicuous surroundings. A dull gray oyster is home to a magnificent pearl. A mottled, round rock reveals sparkling crystals within. An unassuming warehouse entrance to the Loyd-Paxton Gallery in Dallas opens to a treasure trove of fine antiques from around the globe.