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A restaurant owner-chef has to wear many hats—king of the kitchen is his most revered role—but he also has to be a great businessman. A trend predictor. A mind reader who senses what his clients want even before they realize they are craving comfort food or kale. An interior decorator who packages his restaurant with the right look.
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Nobody quite knows where the Furmint grape originated. A white varietal, it is cultivated today under various names in eastern parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire— especially in Hungary near the town of Tokaj, about 120 miles northeast of Budapest (almost to Slovakia and Ukraine).
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When it comes to restaurants, Dallas is very fickle. A hot new restaurant opens and everyone can’t wait to try it. The décor, the chef and the menu all contribute to the “wow” factor. But no matter how good the food is, how wonderful the service is, the wow factor seems to fade and diners move on to the next big things.
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